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How to Adjust Body Parts of a Corpse

In the process of preparing a funeral, preparing the corpse should always be included. It is because of not only the hole for the burial and the coffin which need to be prepared but also the body of the deceased. Thus, on the list of the buddhist funeral services singapore, preparing the corpse before the burial process will be included as one of the services. In preparing the corpse, there are several things to do, including adjusting the body parts of the corpse.

The first is to do in adjusting the parts of the body is too close the eyes of the corpse. Use care really nice to organise eyes. Eyelids, in particular, tend to re-open so that a small piece of cotton placed between the eyelid and the eye to close. In some cases, blindfolds plastic used to cover the eyes of the corpse. Eyelids never sewed shut, but may be glued in some cases. Body parts of the bodies need to be set before the liquid balsam included, because the liquid will make the corpse become stiff, so it will be difficult to set up.

The next thing to do is to cover the mouth of the corpse and set so that it looks natural. One of the following two ways is usually used to set the mouth. Occasionally mouth sewn shut using threads for surgical sutures or injury, by inserting a needle curved past the jaw under the gum, then back through the nasal septum. Avoid tying the thread too strong to give a natural feel to the jaw line. A gun injector is also commonly used in conjunction with “forming the mouth”. As a protective mouth or prosthetic teeth, the mouth forming holds the jaw together according to the natural shape and arrangement of the jaw. In this method often there is little room for error or human error.

Then, the last is to give moisturiser on some of the parts of the body. A bit of the cream should be used on the eyelids and lips to maintain that it does not dry, and give the impression of nature and life.