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Health Benefits Of Ale

When you are looking the best place to hang out, make sure that you visit the Country pub nr Andover, George & Dragon. With a wide variety of menu, you will get satisfying meals that the kitchen staff in this particular pub serves to you. However, other than the best meal, you might be looking for the ale, to accompany your meals and George & Dragon provide the best. The producer of the local ale, ’HBT’ is merely 100 meters away from the pub, so you know that your needs in ale will be satisfied. Or you could get the finest single malt whiskey from Scotland or even the popular ‘Twisted Nose’ gin from Winchester. Many people have not realized the health benefit of ale, so here they are:

– Ale is scientifically proven could reduce joint inflammation and swell. However, you need to consume this alcoholic beverage regularly for 10 days in a month. You will not get the benefit when you drink all the ale in one night. With less swelling and inflammation in the joints, you will be able to move better without any pain that you have to suffer. However, you need to remember that the result could not be achieved in one night.

– Cure erectile dysfunction. Alcohol dilates blood vessel that is why it could act like a Viagra. When you are having a problem ‘there under’, you could rely on your ale for it will help you gain back your confidence in the sheets. That is why many one nights stands to occur when there is booze involved because the alcoholic beverages could dilate blood vessel and improve your confidence at the same time. However, you must remember to drink responsibly because being too drunk will not take you anywhere other than a health risk. So get your ale now at George & Dragon now.