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Krill Oil Vs Fish Old

It is no doubt to say that omega 3 is an important substance for the human body. There are many benefits that have been obtained by many people who consumed the food or supplement containing omega 3. Perhaps there are some of you who are still confused when interpreting the omega 3 in your mind. When it comes to understanding the meaning of omega 3, in fact, there are a lot of people who understands that there are many benefits of omega 3 which is much contained in the cod oil.

In this site, you will find the difference between krill oil and fish oil. Well, it’ good idea to discuss the Krill oil before we go to find out the difference between krill oil and fish oil. Krill oil is made from small shrimp which populated in Antarctica Ocean. Krill shrimp contains a lot of omega 3 content which is very beneficial for the human health. Interestingly, the krill oil also contains the antioxidant which can reduce the effects of free radical to your face.

Before talking about the difference between Fish oil and Antarctic oil, both Fish oil and Antarctic have the high content of omega 3 which are very beneficial for the human health. Here are some differences between Antarctic Krill oil:

– The fish oil might be contaminated by the industrial pollutant where the place of fish to live might have contaminated. While the Krill oil is free from the contamination because the population of krill oil is in Antarctic Ocean which is free from radioactive poisons and industrial pollutant.
– The antioxidant in Antarctic Krill Oil is higher than the Fish oil because the Antarctic Krill Oil contains vitamin A, vitamin B, or E which is very beneficial for the human body as the anti antioxidant.
– The antioxidant is very affordable and provides more advantages for the health of human body.

So, if you want to get the right cod oil, it is time for you to choose the Antarctic Krill Oil.