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How to deal with the short term memory loss

It’s true that there are so many people among us who are suffering the short term memory loss. However, most people are treating the short term memory loss as the usual “forget”, and not as a medical condition. However, it’s important for anyone to seek the best memory repair protocol, if he or she is suffering the frequent memory loss daily. That’s why in order to help you and other people to deal with the short term memory loss, here are some tips that we’re willing to share with you about it causes and solutions:

The causes

1. A person experiences a head trauma due to accidents or unfortunate events more than once.

2. The non trauma cause is when the blood vessel in a person’s brain has clogged, so the oxygen supply to the brain has been diminished. It can also be caused by some medications and other disease complications as well.

3. It’s also can be caused by the frequency of the junk food consumption, and the heavy burden on a person’s life which cannot be solved.

The solutions:

There are several ways to heal this medical condition, and these ways can also be used to prevent it:

1. Avoid the junk food and the fast food as much as you can. The more unhealthy food that you don’t consume, the better your memory condition will be.

2. Exercise regularly so you can improve blood circulation. Remember that one of the memory loss causes is the clogged blood vessel in the brain, and exercise regularly will be your solution.

3. Train your brain by more reading and puzzle solving. Reading some novel, news, or even playing some puzzle games will help your brain a lot.

4. Prepare some notes to write anything that you need to remember as your own reminder.

Although the short term memory loss is not a severe medical condition, it’s still a wise decision to prevent it by starting the healthier lifestyle.