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It is a legal investment

If you go to the club and wealth builder to use their services, you might think if they use illegal methods in financial planning. the wealth builder club Although they are a service company that provides consulting services on financial planning, but they do not use common methods in its operations and advise their clients to invest. The recommended investment is offshore. Maybe we rarely hear investment like offshore investment because few people use it but in recent times we have information about a case of ‘panama papers’ that utilize this type of investment for wealthy businessmen and some political figures. Information about investing some leaked to the public and known by everyone on the internet. They do not get the wealth that is not 100% of their businesses but they also evade taxes. Tax evasion which they did by bribing tax manager but by moving their investment to other countries that have lower tax rates.

Basically, the offshore investments indeed take advantage of other state tax rates so that investors do not have to pay tax in accordance with the tax rates of their country of origin. Offshore investment occurs when investors formed a company in a foreign country. Their country of origin will not collect taxes from them due to hit the boundaries. While the countries in which they invest is a small country that has resources and a small population. Indirectly, the investor has to develop economic activity in the country where they berinevstasi because most of their marketing investments made in the country. If we as investors do not violate the rules that exist in the country, the activities we do is legal and does not violate the law. Perhaps this is the reason the club preferring wealth builder offshore investments for their clients because it gains greater than other investments.