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According to H2O-R, there are various types of fungi in indoor wood are commonly encountered. Identify the types of fungus as well as the level of danger for the handling you would be more appropriate. Knowledge of mushrooms and how to prevention and treatment still lack owned by a layman. Often we underestimate the appearance of mold on the furniture in our homes that harm is the lack of knowledge about the dangers of mushroom which we handle. We often clean the mushrooms with a makeshift safety equipment when these organisms can cause health problems including severe. According to the EPA, the fungus can cause a variety of disorders of irritations to asthma and other respiratory disorders. Sources of exposure to harmful fungi usually come from spores and mycotoxins are scattered when we clean the organism.

Based on the level of danger itself, mushrooms grouped into three classes. A class is a class of fungi that harm because it produces mycotoxins. Class B is the class of fungi that cause allergic reactions. While the C-class is a class of fungi that are not harmful to humans but still can damage furniture and parts of the house. The following will explain the various types of fungi in the room as well as the level of danger to health.

1. Cladosporium. Cladosporium is a type of fungus is most common. Sightings of this fungus bevariasi ranging from green, brown, gray, to black. This type of fungus belongs to the class B and C depending on the species. This is the place grow mold on walls, wood, and various other dirty places.

2. Aspergillus. Aspergillus is a type of fungus in the room were also frequently encountered and has a variety of colors from brown to black. This fungal species there are going to class A and some are coming to class B. The fungus normally grows on the walls, paper, clothing, barriers, and other places.

3. Penicillium. Penicillium is a type of fungus in a room that has a variety of colors dar blue, yellow, green, to black. Although there are species of Penicillium are useful as antibiotics, but other members of this genus which can endanger and included in classes B and C. The fungus normally found in partitions, walls, and other places.

4. Acremonium. This type of fungus in this room, is a fungus that is common in the wall. This fungus has the guises of white, gray, to black. Some species are included in the class of harm to humans (A and B).