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The Factors That Can Make a Sequel To Become a Failure

Every movie sequels are expected to bring the better version of the previous ones. Although there are so many successful sequels and trilogy in Hollywood movie history, there are a lot of failures as well. There are several unexpected failures of movie sequels that have been made by the Hollywood these years. It’s true that making a better version of a movie is not an easy task, that’s why we’re willing to share some info with you about the factors that can make a sequel to become a failure. Visit this site to know more about the most anticipated movies in 2017.

1. The replacement actor or actress is not as good as the previous one

There are numerous Hollywood movies that have failed to become the good sequel, due to the main protagonist actor has been changed, and the replacement actor can’t play the role as good as the previous one. This is one of the most common problems of many failures of sequel movies in the world movie industry. However, there are some actors and actresses who are capable of playing a magnificent act as a replacement actor or actress.

2. The story has changed too far

Some Hollywood sequels are receiving so many negative reviews, due to they’ve changed the original movie plot too far. This is can be disastrous, especially for the sequels that are made of the legendary movies. That’s why there are many Hollywood directors who are currently trying their best to avoid the unnecessary changes when they’re remaking a movie.

3. The charm of the prequel has gone

When a sequel is not capable of bringing at least the same charm from its prequel, then it can be considered as a failure. The example for this factor is the Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters. Although the story might similar, the “all men” crews that have become the charm of the funny 80s Ghostbusters movie has gone, and it has been changed with the “all women” crews. That’s why the Ghostbusters 2016 has received so many negative reviews from many movie enthusiasts and websites.